Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Anti-Blue Light Glasses In National City, CA

If you are struggling with eye strain, blurry vision, or headaches, then it could be the result of blue light exposure. Excessive blue light exposure may lead to computer vision syndrome. This syndrome results from prolong digital device use. It is best to wear anti-blue light glasses to reduce the symptoms of computer vision. These specialized lenses block out the blue light from computers, phones, and tablets, preventing damage to your eyes and vision. This viable treatment option is available at Vive Optometry in National City, CA.

Anti-Blue Light Glasses In National City, CA

Why You Should Get Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Anti-blue light glasses filter out blue light that is emitting from digital screens. Prolong usage of electronic devices can lead to blurry vision, dry eyes, eye strain, headaches or migraines, and difficulty in sleeping. It can also cause macular degeneration and cataracts. Macular degeneration is a disease where you lose your central vision because of a damaged macula, and cataracts affect your vision by clouding your clear lens of the eye. Anti-blue light glasses ensure that you can filter digital light successfully, which preserves your vision and eyes.

Benefits of Anti-Blue Light Glasses

For individuals who want to treat vision loss and eye pain associated with staring at digital screens, start with anti-light blue glasses. Using these specialized eyeglasses can protect your vision and reduce tension headaches and eye pain from blue light. More importantly, you do not need to be a certain age to wear these glasses. Children and adults alike can benefit from the use of anti-blue light glasses. Also, blue light filter lenses are available with and without prescription. Speak with our eye doctors about which lenses will suit your needs.

Order Your Blue Light Filter Lenses in National City, CA, Today

Reach out to our optometrists, Dr. Eva Wu and Dr. Austin Lee, at Vive Optometry for an eye exam to get your anti-blue light eyeglasses. We happily serve National City, CA, and surrounding areas with essential eye and vision health services. Along with blue light filter glasses, we also offer contact lenses, ortho-k, sunglasses, sports vision therapy, and LASIK referals. Find out how we can best serve you and your family by getting an eye exam today. Call us at 619-477-2771 to schedule an appointment.

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