Specialty Contact Lenses

Are you in need of contacts, but have a special condition that prevents you from getting regular contact lenses? Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee at Vive Optometry in National City, CA would love to help. Keep reading for more information about the specialty contact lenses we can prescribe to you.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Made Just for You

Having a certain eye condition, such astigmatism, dry eyes, giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC), keratoconus, or presbyopia, can make soft lenses uncomfortable for your eyes. Fortunately, there are a variety of specialty lenses, which includes hard-to-fit lenses and ortho-k, available that are tailored to meet your condition.

Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

There are several types of hard-to-fit contacts that make it possible to comfortably wear contacts with any of the conditions above. 

Gas permeable lenses are great for patients with keratoconus or GPC. These lenses make it harder for protein deposits to accumulate, lessening the symptoms of GPC. Corneal bulges can be kept within these contacts for patients with keratoconus.

Patients with astigmatism can wear toric lenses. Toric lenses must fit with the bulge it is trying to correct. Because of this, these lenses are usually custom-made for each patient and more expensive.

Presbyopia can be corrected with bifocal and multifocal lenses. Monovision lenses can also help people with presbyopia see objects far and close-up. One lens can be fitted for distance vision and the other to see objects close-up.

Scleral lenses are great for people who have sensitive eyes or corneas that are shaped abnormal. These lenses cover the entire corneal surface and are more stable than other gas permeable lenses.

Hybrid lenses are made of both hard and soft lenses. Irregular and normal corneas be fitted with these lenses.


Ortho-K is another option we have available for certain patients. Many patients want to be able to see without the help of surgery or corrective lenses. Ortho-K contacts are special contacts you wear only at night to correct your vision and help you see during the day without the use of corrective lenses.

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Make an appointment with us today to get fitted with your specialty contact lenses. You can visit Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee at Vive Optometry. We are located at 1033 Highland Avenue, National City, CA, 91950. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling us at (619) 477-2771.

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